Vincent Tagliabracci on shipping spree just 3 days before his Texas move

Vincent Tagliabracci is all set to start his own lab with Kenny Park at UTSW from Monday. For the last few days in San Diego, Vinnie was found working hard at sorting his 14 boxes of maxipreps, 12 boxes of primers, 50+ aliquots of frozen cells, 100s of frozen samples and printing Fedex labels. People in the lab do agree that they have never seen Vinnie working so hard during the past 4.5 years in the lab. Vinnie faced strong obstacles while trying to ‘acquire’ the lab -80 boxes for his own use, however, he did manage to convince Kenny Park to get multi-sized Styrofoam boxes from the core. Poor Kenny. Vinnie even attempted to put Carolyn in a box and ship her to Texas but eventually failed owing to mass protests. For the rest of the day Vinnie was in his usual vocal self with his normal anti-subtle statements including but not limited to his dislike for GFP tags. Vinnie was rather happy to receive the signed notebook and pointer from Jack and was heard saying, “I am soo going to miss San Diego and especially my favourite person in whole of Jack’s lab.” GT was unavailable for comments during the emotional moment.  Although its always ABTLTV, we unanimously agree that Vinnie shall be heavily missed in the lab and we wish him and his vocal self all the best in Texas (he needs it). Dude…its all about the subtilis!